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"Pacify" by Shin Tanaka

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LTD EDN Projects in collaboration with Seahope Watches has launched a collection of Art inspired timepieces.


Seahope Watches by the brilliant Japanese designer Yasushi Kimura, use the most awe inspiring techniques to show the moment of time. 

The Avatar edition from Seahope, featured in the movie by its name, is a striking time piece with quality finishing from the stitch to the futuristic LED arrangement

The Project has been curated to spread knowledge of War Child, the charity which act for children affected by War.

100 pieces of each design will be made available worldwide and every watch will be numbered with a quote reflecting the project from Martin Luther King, making this watch rare and collectable

The exclusive collection is made up of artworks created by 6 of the most super eccentrics from the contemporary art world. All the designers reside in different continents making this a true diverse series and have given their time up for the love of the work War Child do:

Pale Horse (USA)
Shin Tanaka (Japan)
Jon Burgerman (UK)
eBoy (Germany and Canada)
Japi Honoo (Italy)
BEASTMAN (Australia)


Japanese street artist Shin Tanaka is best known for his elaborate paper creations. With his use of curves, bright colours and careful attention to detail, Tanaka is successful in fusing origami and urban culture in his work. Some of his most notable pieces are his paper sneakers. While he only started to make replicas of popular sneaker designs to comfort the fact that he could not afford the real deal on a student's budget, Tanaka's idea exploded into a very unique, worldwide open source project.

Shin has instigated thousands of collaborations worldwide. He is known worldwide as being an innovator of papercraft and creator of the most widely recognized graffiti and urban paper toys on the market.

Shin says about his design: "War mixes everything, to compare war to colour, it is black. To restore to a state of peace means factorizing the black to three primary colours. And white reduces the influence of darks".


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